Banjare Village Tour 25 KM (Approx 03 Hrs)

Explore the tribes of Rajasthan , Near Ranthambhore area we have many tribes mainly meena, banjara and gadiya luhar , explore their lifestyle and take a dip in rich culture and lifestyle of these tribes.

Ranthambore Fort 12 KM

A More than 1500 years old fort with more than 11 temples, 07 water storage, some ancient architecture & monuments. Divine world famous temple of Lord Trinatra Ganessh ji , enjoy mesmerizing panoramic view of lakes.

Black Buck 18-20 KM

Explore the famous blackbuck. It is the anti-lobe not found in the national park.

Mansarowar Dam 18-20 KM

It is a large dam in Ranthambhore national park. Good area for dry & welt land birds. Good for trekking, large dam wall with a great view of the park, its water use for irrigation.

Chambal River65 KM

It is a three river conflation. (Chambal, Banas & kali sill).

Explore wildlife and witness long nose/fish eater / Gariyal & Marsh crocodile. Also a great place to see Indian skimmer and many other birds. If you are very lucky, chance to see Indian River dolphins.

Witness heritage temple on banks

Surwal Lake13 KM

Ranthambore Lake was converted into a dam, water was used for irrigation. Good for dry & welt land birds.

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